Epsilon has raised the bar of the standards of DeFi Tokenomics & features with its innovative Upgradability, Governance, Business Level Strong ECO-System, True Anti-Whale, Anti PumpNDump and Buyback & Burn features & Innovations.

UPGRADABILITY Upgradable Smart Contract

An innovation by EPSILON, The bar has been raised very high for everyone. It has been built considering the adaptability as per the needs and changes for future. Epsilon can be upgraded. Hence, there will be no need for any migration.


GOVERNANCE Innovative Governance Feature

Another Innovation that takes the bar of standards a lot higher. Governance, gives the power to each holder to Vote, Agree or disagree to every change that the community or holders wants with Epsilon. Be it a small changes such as modifying a fee or a huge change such as modifying a feature. Everything is controlled & decided by the holders, community as a whole.


ECO SYSTEM Business Level ECO-System

When you invest into EPSILON and hold. you are not just investing into a token, You invest into a future. Epsilon has a very strong and well planned ECO-System that will constantly generate more & more revenue, Profits will be added to Liquidity & the LPs will be burned instantly. Ensuring a constant & secure increase in the value. Please feel free to read out the whitepaper for details.


TRUE ANTI-WHALE True Anti-Whale Feature

EPSILON doesn't just say it like all other coins. It is truly built to keep the whales away. No wallet can hold over 1% of the total supply that is 1,000,000,000 $EPS coins maximum. Of course, The governance decides if the limit should be increased or decreased.


ANTI Pump-N-Dump Anti PumpNDump Feature

Often a group of people try and manipulate the price & disturb the coin's Market value and take away the gains those were meant for "Diamond Hands" or "Real Holders". Well, Not anymore. EPSILON has another unique Innovation "JUMPER PUNISH" Feature which will ensure to eliminate the quick money makers & market manipulators aka "JUMPERS". Ensuring true security on investment for its Holders.


Dual Mode BUYBACK & BURN Unique Buyback & Burn Feature

The Dual Mode "BUYBACK & BURN" system ensure the value of the token stays afloat. We have an Auto BUYBACK & BURN which gets triggered automatically whenever it reaches the level. Also, a manual BUYBACK & BURN feature "on demand" ready to be deployed as when decided via the "governance" therefore, You as The holders, community.

Innovations by EPSILON

At EPSILON we have done some innovations using our cutting edge technology. which will revolutionize the blockchain industry forever.

UPGRADABILITY Upgradable Smart Contract

Smart contracts are immutable. Hence, once created cannot be changed or modified. For that reason almost all tokens have a short life duration or they have to migrate to another version. Which is a lot problematic, painful and bad for Economic reasons too. But, with EPSILON "the holders" will never have to migrate and all changes will be done under the hood of the same contract address as when decided by the governance.


ECO SYSTEM Epsilon has Business Level ECO-System

Epsilon has a very strong and well planned ECO-System that will contantly generate more & more revenue, Profits will be added to Liquidity & the LPs will be burned instantly. Ensuring a constant & secure increase in the value. The part of the EcoSystem are $EPS: Epsilon Coin, Ewall : Epsilon's Own Secure Multi-Currency Wallet, EPSwap: Epsilon's De-Fi Trading Platform, ELaunch: A "one stop" Launchpad for Crypto projects & EPGA: Epsilon's Gaming Platform. Please read below for more details about EcoSystem or Checkout the whitepaper.


Dual Mode BUYBACK & BURN The Beast

The EPSILON buyback & Burn, also known as "The Beast", is funded by the buyback fee on every Buy & Sell. The tokens collected from the fees are converted into BNB & securely locked and stored in the EPSILON's contract. We call that as "The beast's Cave" Since, The BNB's are stored in contract itself and is coded. So, the BNB in "The Beast's Cave" cannot be withdrawn & can only be utilized to buyback $EPS coins from the market and burn them instantly.


Auto LP Lock Auto Liquidity Lock Protocol

The EPS Track that manages all the token supply, rewards and transfers. The ownership of the EPS track has been transferred to the Token contract itself. Which ensures the liquidity is locked forever. Hence, Ensuring the security of every Holder, every Investor. Please click the "Liquidity Locked" button above for proof ownership transfer of EPS Track.


ANTI Pump-N-Dump Anti PumpNDump Feature

Epsilon is designed for "Diamond Hands" or "Real Holders" and they mostly lose the true benefits or returns. But, Not with EPSILON $EPS. The token as a Unique "JUMPER FEE" with auto implements and get added to the sell fee when someone tries to sell over certain limits or sudden dump the token for minimal gains. That mostly happens in groups or in continues flow. But, the jumper fee does not affect Long-term holders and minimal sells. Also, this does not restrict you sell off your holding as there is a very low internal transfer fee. Therefore, If anyone at certain situations want to exit can offer the holding to other user to buy at a 1/3 or the usual tax By doing this the tokens do not leave the network. Hence, The price doesn't go down that benefits all holders.


GOVERNANCE Innovative Governance Feature & Functions

There are 2 Governance contract deployed. The first one is "Governance Control". The Dev has initialized the contract and transferred the controls to Governance Control Contract as the prime Controller and the deployer as sub-admin. The second is "Governance Polling" Now, The Governance overrides the sub-admin rights. When the governance want to initiate a poll. The Sub-admin initiates a polling ticket via the governance polling contract. Everyone Votes, The polls if "In-Favour" then the governance contract commands the sub-admin address to initiate the Implementation or modification as voted by the community the subadmin then implements the "Favoured" changes.

EPSILON Tokenomics & Algorithm

All BlockChains

The Take/Tax/Fee on both BUY & SELL is 17%
which is Splitted as below:

8% "The Beast" (Buyback) in BNB
4% "EcoSystem" (Marketing & EcoSystem) in BNB
2% "Operations" (Full time Employed Team) in BNB
2% Auto LP (Goes Back to Liquidity pool)
1% "HOLD Reward" (Rewards to Holder) in BNB

*for more details please check FAQs

(Per Blockchain)

100,000,000,000 EPS

Soft Cap (Presale)

800 BNB
150000 MATIC

Hard Cap

1200 BNB
300000 MATIC


Pancakeswap Immediately after presale
Quickswap Immediately after presale

Token Allocation
(All Blockchains)

  • 70%Liquidity (Over Period of time)
  • 0%Initial Burn
  • 30%Pre-sale
  • 0%BUYBACK & BURN so far
  • 0%Marketing
  • 0%Ecosystem Development
  • 0%Team


Our team is working hard Everyday to achieve these milestones.

2021 Q3 (September)
  • Concept Generation
  • Team Assemble
    (community Members from previous project that we migrated from)
2021 Q3
  • Proving the concept can work
  • Strategic Planning
  • Product Design Initiated
2021 Q4 (October)
Coding & Design
  • Tested the code Level 1 to 10
  • Rugged the code, Re-Coded & Designed
  • Tested Again, Final Code Developed
2021 Q4
The Launch
  • Website Launched
  • Social Media Unveiling
2021 Q4
  • Deployed on BINANCE Blockchain
  • Deployed on POLYGON (MATIC) Blockchain
  • Deployed on AVALANCHE Blockchain
  • Ownership & Control Transferred to Governance on all Blockchains
  • Deployment Pending on ETHEREUM & other Blockchains
2021 Q4
Audit, Listing & Whitepaper
  • Whitepaper Completed
  • Audit Completed (all Blockchains)
  • Listed on CNToken, CoinWolfs, CoinSniper
  • Listed on CoinDiscovery, CoinHunt, CoinScope
  • Listed on Gemfinder, CoinMooner, CoinHunters
  • Listed on WatcherGuru, CoinArena, CoinGods
2021 Q4 (NOVEMBER)
Pre-Sale & Promotions (Round 1)
  • KYC Verified Presale started on PINKSALE (BSC).
  • PINKSALE Presale Cancelled & BNBs Refunded (Technical Issue on Pinksale Presale).
  • Presale started In-House on website (BSC).
  • Initial Marketing & Promotions started on Youtube, Twitter, Telegram &
    Banner Ads (on Poocoin & BSC).
2021 Q4
Publications & Listing
  • Documented Interview & Story shared across Major News Networks Like: The Antlers American, BayStreet, Crypto World Press, Us National times & 120+ more News Networks Globally
  • Coingecko Listing
  • Coinmarketcap listing
Public Launch (BSC)
  • Public Launch & LP Started on Pancakeswap
    (BINANCE Blockchain)
  • "THE BEAST" Awakens
  • Epsilon ($EPS) Telegram Pricebot (Launched)
2021 Q4-2021 Q1(JANUARY)
Pre-Sale & Promotions (Round 2)
  • Presale started In-House on website (Polygon Chain)
  • Marketing & Promotions started on Youtube, Twitter, Telegram & Banner Ads.
2022 Q1 (JANUARY)
Dapps, PriceBot & Dashboard
  • Epsilon ($EPS) Telegram Pricebot (Launched)
  • Hodler Rewards Dashboard Integration
  • Governance Voting Dapp Integration
EcoSystem Initialised
  • E-Wall Testing Initiated
  • E-wall Launch
  • E-wall Promotions
2022 Q2 (APRIL)
EcoSystem Next Move
  • EPSwap Platform testing
  • EPswap Platform Launched
  • EPswap Platform Promotions
2022 Q2 (APRIL - MAY)
Solar PowerPlant
  • Solar Powerplant Announcement & Addition to Eco-System
  • Further Update of the Roadmap

How to Invest in Epsilon

watch the video below to learn how to buy.


Epsilon ($EPS) is the first of its kind next generation coin with a Business Level EcoSystem & use case. $EPS is 100% Community owned and Governance Controlled.

$EPS / EPS Epsilon Coin

The Original & first of its kind Upgradeable, Governance Controlled, Auto LP Lock Protocol and Unique Dual Buyback & Burn Featured, collateralized Crypto. The EcoSystem is powered by $EPS. So, The users need to hold $EPS in order to interact and benefit from them. Epsilon Coin ($EPS) is the "Power Source" of the Epsilon's Ecosystem.


EPSwap Epsilon's De-Fi Trading Platform

A Decentralized Exchange which will not only allow anyone to Swap, Exchange Crypto currencies. But will also have options to stake their holding be it any crypto currency. It will also feature Jackpot program with special benefits for $EPS holders. Again, The Revenue generated by this platform will be added to the Liquidity of $EPS coin increasing the value of the token every time it will be added.


E-Wall Epsilon's Secure Multi-Currency Wallet

One of the life long Project is "Ewall" which will not only be used to secure you $EPS coin but will also be a multi currency wallet. There will be an app on both android & iOS of the "Ewall" which will be pre-integrated with "EPSwap" Epsilon's De-Fi Trading Platform. "Ewall" will be one of the many revenue generating LOB & The revenue generated via transaction fees on every swap or transaction will be added to the Liquidity of $EPS coin increasing the value of the token every time it will be added.


ELaunch A "one stop" Launchpad for all Crypto projects.

A Launchpad Platform to empower the Innovators, visionaries & developers to give them all the services from Development support to Exchange listing. Therefore, it will have services like: Crypto development & coding service, Security audit service (pre Deployment), Web design & Dapp services, content writing services, Graphic design, White Paper design service, Promotion services, Post Deployment Token Audit Service & certification, Marketing & Branding support, Pre-Sales Launch pad, Liquidity Lock service and Exchange Listing.


EPGA Epsilon's Gaming Platform

A gaming platform which involves free to play (Ad-revenue Generating) games, Paid Games, Crypto currency paid games & a NFT marketplace. Epsilon's EcoSystem will not only generate revenue & Increase the Value of $EPS and profits to its holder. But will make $EPS as a mode of payment and will also create jobs globally.

Frequently asked questions

Below are a few questions you might want to ask. If you have any other questions, please join us & ask in the Telegram group or email at: info@epsilon.gold

Epsilon ($EPS) is an Upgradable coin. Owned & Controlled by Governance with a Unique Dual BuyBack system. $EPS has a strong Business level EcoSystem which is meant to generate revenue and add majority of its gains to the market value of $EPS coin. Therefore, The price of $EPS keeps rising and stays afloat due to the Buyback.

Epsilon ($EPS) is meant to ensure that serious investors / holders get a good & strong platform. Which is not another meme coin. Where money is jumping from one holder's pocket to another.

The Take/Tax/Fee on both BUY & SELL is 17% which is Splitted as below:
8% "The Beast" (Buyback) in BNB
4% "EcoSystem" (Marketing & EcoSystem) in BNB
2% "Operations" (Full time Employed Team) in BNB
2% Auto LP (Goes Back to Liquidity pool)
1% "HOLD Reward" (Rewards to Holder) in BNB

Then there's a "Jumper Fee" which gets implemented when someone tries to pump and dump. So, to avoid Pump and Dump we implemented "Jumper Fee" which is beneficial for all our holders / Investors especially for "Diamond Hand"

The "Jumper Fee" is 13% which is Splitted as Below:
4% "The Beast" (Buyback) in BNB
4% "EcoSystem" (Marketing & EcoSystem) in BNB
4% "Operations" (Full time Employed Team) in BNB
1% Auto LP (Goes Back to Liquidity pool)
2% "HOLD Reward" (Rewards to Holder) in BNB

Yes, The fees are thoroughly thought over and implemented. Considering, no one takes away the gains that are meant for mid term to long term investors. Governance will be proposed and if agrees the fees will be lowered gradually over time.

Unlike other coins / tokens that charge the same amount of fees as on Buy & Sell when transferring their assets to another wallet or person.
Epsilon ($EPS) has a super low fee of 5% for any intra network transfers. Which is then sent to "EcoSystem" in BNB for ecomonical growth of the coin to benefit all holders

No slippage on Buying. But, Please ensure you are not trying to buy over 1 Billion / 1000000000 $EPS Coins (including the $EPS coins you already have in your wallet). At the time of selling you will have to set slippage at 20% or more depending on the amount of $EPS coins you are selling

Yes, It has been audited by TechAudit and will be audited by TechRate & maybe even Certik (if required)

Token presale will be live on the website by Oct 31st 2021 "Halloween" for Binance Blockchain. Join the Telegram group for more information about other Blockchains

The Team

Meet the Team

R Davis (Co-Founder)
Coding, Creation & Design


Hymn (Rahul A.) (Co-Founder)
Marketing & Branding


Tan (Leong Poh) (Co-Founder)
Strategic Planning


Jai D.(Droid) Operations (Head)


KOOGENACE Social Media (Head)


JARACEDEN Community Management


M.Vaghela (Pablo) Development & Designing


M. Meeran(JD47) Graphic Design


Martina O Community Mod


Gintoki Backend & Data Management


Jaimin Patel Team Moderator



Japanese Team Mod

About Us

Epsilon is The World's First Upgradable token with Governance Control & Unique Dual Buyback. Deployed on BINANCE, AVALANCHE and POLYGON (MATIC) already & to be Deployed on ETHEREUM Blockchain and few others for a global outreach.
An innovative technology project in the field of Blockchain and DeFi, with a mission to create a transparent and decentralized platform for highly profitable & secure investments in crypto currencies. By using automated solutions and unique developments, the project team has managed to eliminate the risks and the number of user errors.
As a result, investors get more profit with low risk.


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